Two Old Friends/How Old Are They?

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On many occasions I have been asked “what is the age of a horse in human years?” Saddleback Stables cares for a string of thoroughbred mares, babies and retired race horses. The toughest horse on the farm, however, is my 30 year old quarter horse, Sonny; who has a strong will to live. Despite advice from horsemen and vets to put him down, Sonny has beaten colic and severe laminitis. He happily grazes with his buddy and pasture mate, King Negwer, a retired thoroughbred. My dad gave me Sonny when he was eight years old and we have a special bond after 22 years of trail rides together. Sonny still gets walked and lightly exercised to keep his mind and body fit.

In thoroughbred racing, horses turn a year older on January 1. Horses develop early and some thoroughbreds can race as two year olds. The Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes are races for three year olds. The following is the scale I like to use when converting the age of horses to human years. When foals are born they equate to about a two year old. Their first year (yearling) average is about eight years old. Two year olds are nearly 13 in human years. Three year olds, 17 years. Four year olds, 20 years and add 2.5 years thereafter.

(0) 2 years
(1) 8 years
(2) 13 years
(3) 17 years
(4) 20 years
(5+) add 2.5 years

Using this formula, 30 year old Sonny would be 85 human years old. I turn 67 this year, so in horse years I would be nearly 23 years old. The video is a few seconds of two “well worn” friends together.

Classic Mile:
Summer Classic returns to the Delaware oval on Thursday, June 23, in race #2 at 12:45 pm (CST). SC draws the #4 post with his usual jockey, Scott Spieth aboard. The race is One Mile on dirt for a $13,500 purse and $7,500 claiming tag. Classic is the (6/1) morning line 4th choice in the seven horse field.

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